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Multi-touch solution for spherical display.


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Waypoints Points on the map with latitude and longitude coordinates are called waypoints.
Route A series of waypoints connected by lines (tracking past or future travel of a ship, for example) is called a route.
Layer Overlay displayed on top of the map. Such overlays may contain additional information, such as points of interest, weather, etc.
Actual route The Actual route is the real last route of the ship with the length of about 1.000 km to the current ship’s position (this route is built from the data supplied by the ship’s navigation system).
Captain’s route The future route as planned by the captain (this route is built from the data supplied by the ship’s navigation system) is called Captain’s route.
Custom’s route (or User’s route) The future possible route as built by the user is called a custom route. Such route can be built from scratch or created from the Captain’s route.
Alert An alert is an important message which should be seen by the Multitouch Earth user.
Balloons A popup windows displayed by the program that provides additional (optional) information about a specific feature is called a balloon. Photo metadata and comments, for example, are displayed in a balloon.
KML KML is an open standard format officially named the OpenGIS® KML Encoding Standard (OGC KML); it is maintained by the Open Geospatial Consortium, Inc. (OGC) with the complete specification at and the complete XML schema at A KML can contain waypoints, routes, and layers.
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