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Multi-touch solution for spherical display.


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Displaying part for Multitouch sperical surface

Bright high-resolution back projection system for the domed screen of multitouch interactive terrestrial sphere (Globe/Globus/Глобус).

Existing technologies were adapted for this device to achieve exceptionally low construction depth.
A pixel-accurate and globally homogenous image appears on the lens surface; the individual images from the projector are implemented with a total resolution of minimum 1050×1050 pixels.

Multitouch Globe - Projector and Frame

Projector and Frame:

 development state

Interactive Globe: end state

Domed screen with Multitouch Earth:

end state

  •  The domed screen surface possesses visual features in order to allow comfortable operation; this means that the operation supports both a visual and a sensory experience.

•  It is to ensure an even image, independent of where viewers are positioned.

•  100 Cm High contrast domed screen

•  Due to the large construction, is ensure sufficient warp resistance of the domed screen (spherical surface).

LensDomed screen
  •  The aim was to achieve the best possible presentation of the contents, e.g. films and pictures, for which a resolution of minimum 1050 x1050 pixels is realized.

•  Furthermore, changing light conditions does not make projection conditions any more difficult. The contrast of projection material is adjustable accordingly.

•  This special material can be sawn, drilled, milled and edge-machined. These properties make it the ideal material for designing eye-catching items, attention-grabbing displays, effective signs and dynamic, colorful tradeshow booths and store fixtures.

NB!!! The forming temperature is between 150 and 160°C.


Plate with lens

Plate with domed screen

  •  The images are displayed on the interactive terrestrial sphere (Globe/Globus/Глобус) using a special developed projector with frame, additional optical part, and a mechanical part for calibration.

•  A seamless, de-skewed projection is created to present the contents across the entire surface of the concave lens.

Projector with special optic part (lens)

Projector with special optic part

•  The display system was optimized specially for the dome-shaped screen geometry

•  Different mappings are available and controllable via an API. The mapping variants are illustrated in the following Fig.:

Mapping On The Globus Display

Mapping on the globus display

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